Roger "Elephant Ass" Dains

Our Founding Father

The Tianjin Hash was formed on February 28, 1992 by Roger “Elephant Ass” Dains, originally of the Seoul Hash. EA had invited 33 unsuspecting friends to what they thought would be a Sunday afternoon party at his apartment in the Tianjin International Building. These first time hashers thus became the founding fathers … & mothers of the Tianjin Hash House Harriers.

At that time and about 40 kilometres East, the Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA) lay in the splendour of what could have then been described as near desolate moonscape and the struggling development of what would later become a busy, modern satellite city where more than half of the World’s Fortune 500 Companies would establish subsidiaries to serve the Chinese market. The influx of foreigners to initially run and populate these foreign subsidiaries had started and picked up momentum quite fast.

By 2000 TEDA had a goodly number of mostly transient foreigners. Some had hashing experience and one of them, a devastatingly handsome Iraqi, Reyhad “Gulp Woodpecker” Zazala, the then owner of Charlie’s Bar, conniving with like minded customers decided to form a hash in TEDA.

On Sunday, May 13th, 2001 20 – 30 hashers, including hashers from Tianjin, joined TEDA H3’s 1st Run. This first run was set by Gulp Woodpecker, Solvi “Playtex Lungs” Donheim & her Norwegian husband , Kjell “Booze Embezzler” Donheim, who brought hashing experience and enthusiasm with them from the Guangzhou Hash.

In the 1990s all companies worked at least a half day Saturday; TH3 runs were held on alternate Sundays. When TEDA-H3 became active in 2001 they held their runs on an (alternate to Tianjin) Sunday.….and hashers from Tianjin, on their “off” Sunday, went to TEDA to support the then smaller group there….and visa versa. Eventually TEDA combined with Tianjin and thus was formed a truly wonderful, warm & friendly hash, T2H3.

The TIANJIN-TEDA Hash House Harriers.