Every hasher who attends, regardless of sensibilities and fashion sense, must wear a red dress.

​Here's why:

The Red Dress Run is an annual fundraising event for Hash Kennels worldwide. It may be the only completely original idea the Hash House Harriers have ever had, and it happened nearly by accident.

​On August 7, 1987, a young lady wearing a red dress emerged from an airplane that had landed in southern California to visit a friend from her high school years. Shortly thereafter, her friend intended to introduce her to a zany running group called the “Hash House Harriers.” One member, noting her gender and attire, urged that she “just wait in the truck” until her host returned. With that goading, she ran into history sporting her red dress and heels.

​The following year (August 12, 1988), the San Diego Hash House Harriers sent “The Lady In Red” an airline ticket to attend the inaugural Red Dress Run. Hundreds of male and female hashers adorned themselves in red dresses for a spectacle widely covered by California newspapers and TV news. In addressing the crowd, The Lady In Red suggested that Hash House Harriers hold the Red Dress Run annually to raise funds for local charities.

The tradition of the Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run quickly spread to every corner of the globe. Over the years, the Red Dress Run has been very successful in raising millions of dollars for a wide variety of local charities.  Today the Red Dress Run is an integral part of the Hash House Harriers’ heritage.

So put your pride aside and join our spectacle. 

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T2H3 Run # 610

Red dress run

TEDA, Tianjin on Sept. 22 (Saturday), 2018 Hares: Spermbank, Tweety Pie

Time: 13:30pm for 14:00pm departure

Meet  at Jacky's Pub (No. 25-4, 2nd Street, TEDA,泰达第二大街瑞园底商25-4)

Price: 150 RMB

Includes: Run, snacks, beer and soft drinks, dinner, and donation

PRE-PAY: Please prepay to Tweety Pie (Aka Zoe) by WeChat: Zoe-Rachel_2012 by Sept. 20
On, On!!
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The Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

Welcome to the home of Tianjin Teda Hash House Harriers.

We are a club open to locals and expats, based in Tianjin, China that meets to walk or run every two weeks. The meeting place changes each run and will be posted here a few days prior to each run.

Hashing is a fun way to see areas you would never normally think of going: the hares (the day's trail setters) mark a trail in flour or chalk for the pack to follow. We always have trails suitable for both runners and walkers. After the trail has finished we have a circle where everyone gets to quench their thirst with as much beer (or water if you're 'that way' inclined) as they can manage. Songs are sung and the hashers are punished (rewarded with a beer) for whatever the GM or RA deem worthy.

Hashing is fun and only requires Half a Mind. So if you have Half a Mind to join us then please feel free to contact us.


It's time for a red dress run